Exposure lights (PureVu):

All PureVu products carry a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects from the original purchase date to the original owner (proof of purchase is required). Our LED's carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Outlined below is the warranty procedure depending on whether you purchased your product from a retailer or directly from our website. We aim to get you back into action as soon as possible.


Purchased from retailer:

Please contact the retailer you purchased your PureVu product from regarding any warranty issues you might have.

If you are no longer able to contact your retailer for any reason, then please get in touch with us directly using the contact details below.


Purchased directly from Ultimate Sports Engineering (PureVu):

If the product is faulty on arrival with you we will replace the product as soon as the faulty item is received by Ultimate Sports Engineering.

If a product develops a fault within our 2 year warranty period we will need to inspect the product before repairing or replacing.

In either case please get in touch with us directly, either by using the telephone number or email address below. If you are unable to use these methods, please use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us.


Warranty Terms and Conditions - The Small Print

PureVu will give a 2 year warranty on all our products. This warranty covers material or workmanship defects. Accidental damage and neglect are not covered by warranty. Modifications or improper use also deem the warranty void.

The Exposure emitter LEDs are covered by our lifetime warranty, in accordance to proper use. Warranty is only valid to the original owner. Proof of purchase may be required. Limits of the Warranty: At its sole discretion, Exposure Lights agrees to repair or replace products deemed by Exposure Lights to be defective. Exposure Lights reserve the right to replace a product with a like replacement that fulfils the same purpose. This replacement product may have graphics or finishing different from the original. It is the product user's responsibility to examine the product on a regular basis to determine the need for servicing and or a replacement. Products that have been neglected, modified or poorly maintained are not covered under warranty.

Products that have been used in competition, stunt riding or for commercial use are not covered under warranty. Damage from causes other than defects in materials and workmanship (e.g. lack of experience, ability or competence) are not covered under warranty. The finish or aesthetics of Exposure products are not covered under warranty. Any labour or postage costs associated with the removal, replacement, postage or reassembly of the product are not covered under warranty. Normal wear and tear and maintance are not covered under warranty. Please ensure all returns are clean and free from mud and road grime. Any items that are returned to us and require cleaning may incur a charge.


Warranty limitations:

The warranty does not apply to any product failure caused by an accident, abuse, mishandling, improper usage (including use contrary to the product description or instructions, beyond the extent of the products intended use, or for tooling or testing purpose), alteration, abnormal mechanical or environmental condition, acts of nature or improper installation.

For products purchased by an authorised Exposure Lights/PureVu distributor or reseller, customers must contact the original seller if products cease to function or an abnormal condition occurs. Describe the condition to the seller so the seller is able to asses whether the problem is covered under warranty. If the claim meets warranty conditions, please arrange to send it back to the seller. USE retains sole discretion on whether to repair or replace warrantee items with a refurbished product or functional equivalent. The decision by USE shall be final.

For SP products bought from other SP resellers, please contact your place of purchase. USE only accept responsibility for products bought under the USE/ Exposure company.

If a defective product is out of the warranty period or does not meet warranty conditions or is to be replace under warranty conditions, please contact us regarding our replacement program.



All manufacturing defects will be dealt with free of charge but there may be a fee if the fault is not a manufacturing defect. We will contact you before any charges are incurred.

You can contact us using the information below to request a warranty/service form.